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ALL-TIME ALL CROP COMPOST - Well suited for farmer who have adopted to drip irrigation and fertigation. We are manufacturing "PRAJWALA a Agro organic Manure and we are in the market fot he last 30 years. It is the first of its kind in India and is completely organic. No chemical is used in any stage of its manufacturing.

We have won the goodwill of almost all the users in a short period. It has caught the heart of all kind of agriculturists and taken the market by storm. Use it once and you will use it again and again. It is a dream come true for floriculturists and nursery men.Organically produced Agricultural Products have already made a headway in Western Countries. People have started paying higher prices for Agro Organic products, as they are natural products with a very nutrient value and are pollution hazard free

What is Agro Manure?

Cattle manure form cattle shed or house manure from the stable or poultry manure from the poultry shed does not become manure. Unless the same is digested properly and the C: N ratio is brought down to 20 1 (or say at least 30 : 1). It is the Undigested manures that does not give proper and early results.

Salient Features

  • It has all the macro and micro plant nutrients for good and healthy plant growth.
  • It improves soil structure and increases soil action leading to higher root development and other plant activity. It thereby ensures maximum absorption of the applied plant nutrients.
  • It has got a unique property of absorbing and retaining moisture upto 60% by using this AOM one can save upto 50%-80% of water.
  • It has all the macro and micro plant nutrients for good and healthy plant growth.
  • It Improves soil structure and increases soil action leading to higher root development and other plant activity It thereby ensures maximum absorption of the applied plant nutrients.
  • It has got a unique property of absorbing and retaining moisture upto 60 by using this AOM one can save upto 50%-80% of water.
  • It improves infiltration rate and hydraulic conductivity of the soil.
  • It has shown increase of 15 to 20% yield sorghums, groundnut 20 to 25%m, in paddy 25 to 40% more in potato. It has increased yield of flowers with brighter colours by 40% It has increased seed germination by 10 to 15%
  • it has a unique character of absorbing added nutrient and releasing slowly to the plants thereby completely avoiding the leaching, evaporation and fixation loss of the nutrients.
  • With the help of the bio-fertilizer organism in it, it gives 50 to 90 Kgs of N, 3-50 Kgs, of Pand 70 to 85 Kgs of K20 per hectare per year With the help of disease and pest checking organisms in its, it helps farmers get a healthy crop
  • This organic manure is odorless and thereby helps in controlling air, water and soil pollution.

Advantages Of Using Prajwala Compost

It is noticed Areca plants planted by using PRAJWALA compost, started yielding after Three years as a against the normal of 5 to 6 years. The plants are free mite attack, fruit dropping, and fruit splitting It also observed that there is vast improvement in fruit size and quality. Vegetables like chillies, brinjal, ladiesfinger etc. are Floritec after usage of PRAJWALA excellent quality, brighter colour flower and higher yields are noticed. All horticulture crops have responded very well are and free from pest and diseases. i.e., coffee, tea, banana, guava, pomegranate cardamom, pepper etc. By using PRAJWALA compost white ant attacks are greatly minimised. Agriculture crop like ragi, jowar, maize, groundnuts, etc. grown with Prawala compost has shown an increase in yield by 15 to 20%. Plantation crops like coffee, coconut areca nut, cardamom and pepper have shown 20 to 25% increase in yield. Crops like potato, chillies, vegetables and other food crops have shown an increase of 25 to 40% yield. Seeds shown on Prajwala compost mixed beds increase the germination rate by 10 tp 15%. Flower plants like jasmin, kanakambaram, chrysanthemum, anthurium ans sericulture have shown 30to40% increase yield. With the response from the estate owners an other farmers we have come out with two more new products.

What It Contains ?

N 1.5 to 4%
Ca 1.5 to 4%
Fe 2680ppm
P 1.5%
Mg .68%
Mn 1500ppm
K 1.5 to 3%
Zn 440ppm
Cu-Traces Sodium .36%

Way Agro Organic Manure?

Organic Manures play an important role in the cropping system through nutrient supply and improvement in several factors of soil fertility like physical chemical and Biological properties of the soil. Broadcasting and Incorporation to a depth of 5-10 cm in general in established field and confined application in the drip circle in young clearing,soil stirring scuffing in established fields towards the beginning of the dry period is advantageous. Incorporating in the pits or in the fields before planting or growing has given excellent results. From the house of VITAL PLANT PRODUCTS. Harihally, a unique Agro Organic